Welcome to Mothers 4 Justice

The aim of this website is for mothers that are going through the process (which means courts or in the middle of a break up) and need any kind of support. Please be aware the support you will be given is not from any legal point of view but from mothers who have been through or are currently going through the process.


Mothers 4 Justice

Mothers4justice is aimed at mothers who feel they need support trying to protect their children from manipulative,violent abusive fathers. We do not offer any kind of legal support we offer the best type of support available and that is from other mothers who have already experienced what it is like to be dragged through the courts had lies told about them and been dissapointed by the legal system

.If you are a mother who has been through the system have the T-shirt and know all the cunning moves that may be used against you, and you feel you would like to inform other mothers then please join our support forum without delay. If you are a mother seeking help please see our support page for further information.


Mothers 4 Justice are still at the forefront of helping mothers in their time of need. We will never give up in our bid to show our children the meaning of true love and not point scoring.
Seven years and counting.....